Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a qualified teacher who is CRB/DBS checked?

I hold qualified teacher status (QTS) and I have a Bachelor's degree in primary education. I have an enhanced, up to date CRB/DBS check and I am fully insured. These documents are available for you to view at any time.

Will you complete an initial assessment with my child before they start tuition with you?

On the first tuition session, I complete a variety of maths and English activities with your child. This gives me a good idea of what level they are working at, their strengths and areas I need to focus on. For 11 plus students, I send an initial past paper home and mark it prior to their first session.

I am also happy to complete an assessment with a child as a one off. 

Will I be kept up to date of my child's progress?

Absolutely- I always give parents/carers a summary of what we have been doing during the session and how their child got on. You are also very welcome to come to collect your child 5 minutes earlier on some days for a more in depth discussion. I am also always contactable via email or telephone. 

How do I pay?

With tuition, I'm very flexible with payment options- I accept cash or bank transfers. This can be done before the lesson, or directly after. I am happy for you to pay me lesson by lesson or, if you would prefer, I also take payments for blocks of lessons in advance. 

Parent courses and planning services need to be paid via bank transfer/PayPal.

Will you come to our houses for tuition?

Regrettably, I am unable to travel to the student's houses- this is because I have quite a few pupils who come directly before/after each other. I may be able to travel to you for parent 1:1s/home education sessions in the daytime.

Do I stay with my child for the session?

Generally, parents/carers drop their child off for tuition and pick them up at the end. From experience, I find it helps the child's concentration levels and space in my classroom is limited. However, I am more than happy for you to stay for the sessions if you would prefer. 

If you think the 11 plus exam isn't a right fit for my child, will you tell me?

After a few weeks of tuition, I will have a good idea of whether or not passing the 11 plus looks likely and, with sensitivity to the child's feelings, I will discuss this with you in private. I pride myself on honesty and integrity and I don't believe in setting children up for disappointment or wasting parents' money. We all have different strengths and areas that we shine in and finding the 11 plus exam too challenging is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about.

Will my child receive homework?

As a general rule, my upper KS2 and 11 plus students receive weekly homework- this is not compulsory but it does really help them to consolidate the learning we have done in the tuition session. If requested, I can also set some light homework for children in years 3 and 4. I do not set homework for children in KS1.