Planning Services


I have recently started offering bespoke planning services for parents. This was initially developed to help parents who want to home educate their children, but are unsure of where to start. However, it would also be useful for parents/carers who feel their child needs extra support with their learning but are unable to afford the cost of regular, 1:1 tuition.


Each plan is carefully tailored to your child’s needs, age and learning style. The planning pack contains all the resources needed to carry out the sessions. Each lesson can be sent back to me for marking if you wish and you also get ongoing email support throughout.



The process:

Initially, I will send you a questionnaire to complete. If you are local, I can arrange a meeting with you if you prefer. From this, I will get an idea of your child’s needs, learning style, how long you would like to spend on each session and what you are hoping to achieve by the end of them.


Once I am happy that I have got everything I need, I will take a deposit and begin the planning process. This should take me no more than 2 weeks to complete.


I will then send all the plans and resources to you via email and check that you are happy with them. Any work that needs marking can be scanned over to me and I will provide feedback.



For a set of 10 lessons, the price is £80. For a whole half term’s worth of work (35 lessons), the price is £230.


For one off plans or planning for a longer period of time, please contact me for prices.